Floral Maxi Dress

Happy hump day! It’s photo shoots like this that blogger dreams are made of… a sunny and fairly warm day in April in Portland, and I didn’t have resting bitch face in every photo #winning

I saw this beautiful maxi dress on one of my favorite online retail shops, and then I saw it on sale and 5-7 days later I saw it on me and I was like “hello lover…” LoL seriously though it is so flowy and light but still has a great weight to it and the movement just makes you feel like a Hollywood star. I’ll be wearing it for an event this weekend and I can’t wait to put it back on. My first thought was actually how perfect it would be for a summer wedding, or any event requesting ‘cocktail attire’. It is such a statement piece in itself so you really don’t have to accessorize much. The beautiful, bold print and open back say enough so throw on a pair of earrings that pull from one of the colors in the print and you’re set to go.

I feel like some people may be intimidated to wear a maxi dress because it’s floor length and that in a way innately makes it more formal. A dress like this could definitely be worn to a nice brunch with the girls or even strolling around the farmers market with your SO because the open, strappy back and fun tropical print help tone it down just enough. A cousin of mine is getting married this summer and this would easily be a great choice for her outdoor wedding though so if you see this on repeat in my Insta Stories forgive me but I’m not sorry

On a completely different note, I have quite a lot going on in my life as of late and it’s put me in a place of reflection and surrender, where I feel like I’m always searching, and able to find, the silver lining and things to be thankful for. I’ve been sharing this quite a bit in recent posts and today I thought I’d share a few things I’m looking forward to this summer.

1- Water stuff. I know, so eloquent, but I am such a water girl and floating on the river, camping at the lake, relaxing in the sand at Sauvie’s Island (basically going to the river and Portland’s version of the beach)… all just sound like Heaven.

2- Fesitvals, one in particular that I have been wanting to go to for 2 years now and is it just me or do they kind of sneak up on you and then they are sold out? This year I was on top of it and I actually bought the tickets as a present for someone special, so I can’t wait to surprise them with a fun day in the sun together! Obviously more on that later…

3- Summer photo shoots! Other than the obvious lack of rain and wind and cold and ice and snow, shall I go on?, this summer will bring opportunities to shoot in some new locations and create some fun new stories for you! It’s always refreshing to switch things up sometimes and I’m looking forward to sharing a piece of it with you all.

Thank you for reading and spending some time with me today! Do you like wearing maxi dresses for summer or do you prefer the mini length? Let me know what your favorite style is and I’ll try and share how I’d style it! I’d love to hear what you are looking forward to this summer as well. What is your favorite summer activity?? Leave a comment with your input, I read all of them, and have a great rest of your week!

Photos: Brittany Daoud

Dress: Lulu’s (on sale under $55!), Heels: Calvin Klein

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