Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day… If your dad is anything like mine he’s a man to celebrate. My dad has taught me so much about business, life, and what I deserve, I had to share not only a little shopping guide full of things I’m sure your dad would love as well, but a few of the lessons he’s taught me.

First the shopping guide…

Slippers – my dad loves his slippers and if your dad’s house has hardwoods or tile flooring he might want a pair as well… no one wants cold feet and my dad loves slippers you can slid right on your feet and don’t have a back on them so these UGG slippers are perfect!

Tie – I had to include a tie because when we were little we would always get my dad a tie for his birthday and Father’s day because my sister and I loved picking them out LoL I’m sure he was thrilled and had to feign surprise more than once! I love this silk one because it’s under $20, comes in 7 colors, and who doesn’t love silk?

Grooming kit/skin care – My dad is pretty low key when it comes to skin care BUT I always thought the Kiehl’s grooming kit would be an awesome gift for any man in your life. My dad does love the Nivea for Men Energy after shave though. It smells amazing and it’s only $8!

Pilsner glass – My dad loves a cold beer and I thought this sweet but cheeky beer glass would be a fun way for him to think of you every time he plops down for some “me time”!

Wallet – Every man needs one and every man let’s his turn to tatters before replacing it so I thought a wallet would be a smart gift.

Turntable – I think this would be the coolest gift! My dad loves music and if yours has an old record collection this would win best gift.

Watch – I know everyone has their phone now to get the time, but our dads are from an era when a nice watch meant something so why not gift him with a new one to spruce up his wardrobe! I linked a few below I love!

Bluetooth speaker – If you have more of a modern man for a dad, this Bose Bluetooth speaker would be a great gift as well. Who doesn’t love a bit of music when they are working in the yard or BBQ-ing?

Other great gifts could include a gift card to Starbucks or the movies, a Groupon for a brew tour or fishing trip, or even tickets to go see his favorite sports team! Everything listed above, except the Bose speaker, is under $100 and I linked more watch and wallet options below!

And now a few life lessons from dad…

A lesson in finance… establish a lifestyle you are comfortable with inside the confines of your current income and then when your income increases, the difference is extra saving for a rainy day or something special vs spending that extra amount right away. Ex: if you make $40k a year and spend $30k of that you save $10k in the year. Then if you get a raise to $45k you can keep your spending to $30k because you’ve established a lifestyle you are happy with, making your saving for that year $15k. This makes it easier to build wealth because if you are happy in the lifestyle you can afford before your income increases so you are saving naturally.

A lesson in shopping… My dad has a mantra, “if it’s not on sale, walk away” LoL Now, I don’t strictly stick to this being a style blogger, BUT it is good advice when you’re on a budget, trying to save, or can’t decide how much you really like something. He had my nephew trained to this by the time he was about 3 years old and let me tell you, a toddler telling you to walk away because something’s not on sale is hilarious and super cute. Also, if it is on sale.. does that mean I can’t walk away?? Maybe I’m still learning this lesson…

A lesson in life… Quality time is the best gift of all. My dad always wants to do things together with me and my sisters and Father’s day is a great excuse to not only celebrate dad but also get us all together. I know I write a blog and share beautiful yet frivolous things, but I think when you live life basing success on the quality of your relationships, you have a happier mentality than when you put too much value on ‘stuff’. Yes, life is short so buy the shoes, but they are just shoes.

Thank you so much for reading! Leave a comment below and tell me one great memory you have with your dad!










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  • Reply Brittany

    Loved this post! Super sweet, and these are all great gifts! I think my favorite memory I have of my dad is not actually a memory for me. I have pictures of him and I when I was just a baby and we’re napping together in a tie dye hammock while camping…it’s pretty much the cutest thing! Also, the memory of our father-daughter dance at my wedding is amazing too! I remember him looking at me and just saying “I’m really happy.” It was the best 🙂

    June 8, 2017 at 1:28 pm
    • Reply Rachel Cossette

      OMG girl thank you so much and I have to see that picture! It sounds adorable! And now I’m tearing up at my desk at the thought of your dance! Thanks for sharing love

      June 8, 2017 at 2:07 pm

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