The Best Toner for Your Skin Type

The only time I ever used a toner before the age of 27 was when I was on the 3 step Proactive system (which failed me miserably… twice #AnyoneElse? ) Now I know the error in my ways. Toners have lots of benefits and by using the right one for your skin type can vastly improve the color, texture and feel of your skin as a part of your daily regime. So today I’m talking all about finding your skin type, the best toners for you, and why you should be using them.

First of all we need to talk about why you need to be using a toner. So many people make the mistake of skipping on a toner and don’t realize until later that they should have been using one all along. Protecting your skin’s integrity now vs trying to reverse the damage of time, is much easier, and a toner will help keep your pores tight, your skin balanced, and make your other products more effective.

Why should you use a toner?

  • It’s an added step to cleanse your face of dirt, oil and makeup if you are oily or acne prone
  • They provide hydration and other essential vitamins to keep your skin youthful and healthy
  • They help restore your skin’s natural pH balance which can prevent excess oil production
  • It adds a layer of protection by tightening your pores preventing debris from getting in
  • It preps your skin to better absorb the ingredients in your serums and creams

What toner should I use?

Step 1 – Finding your skin type

Finding your skin type means selecting the skin type you feel you have 5 out of 7 days of the week. Everyone has gotten a pimple or seems more oily or dry sometimes so select the one that fits your skin more days than not. I have a normal skin type but lean towards the dry side.

  • Oily – If you find that your skin is oily before lunch time or you have to reapply makeup in the afternoon you probably have more oily skin.
  • Dry – If you find that your skin feels tight, doesn’t get oily until later in the day, or has a flaky texture, you probably have more dry skin.
  • Combination – If you find that you seem oily in your T-zone and dry on your cheeks, you probably have combination skin.
  • Normal – If you find that you are not overly dry or oily most days, you probably have normal skin.

Step 2 – What toner is best for your skin type





Step 3 – Adding it into your weekly routine

Now that you know what toner you need, here is an example of how you should add it into your routine after you wash your face.

  • Oily Skin – You should use your toner morning and night to keep your pores dirt and oil free.
  • Dry Skin – Since your skin is drier you don’t really need the added benefit of removing excess oil so you can use a hydrating toner just at night to help clean the day away from your pores.
  • Normal Skin – I have normal to dry skin and if you are in this category I recommend grabbing a toner that addresses issues which ever way your skin leans whether that’s dry or oily. If you tend towards dry, I’d use a hydrating or vitamin rich toner at night, if you tend towards oily, I’d use a pore clearing or resurfacing toner at night. You can use your toner morning and night but try this out and see how it works for you. If your skin feels dry I’d use just once a day.
  • Combination Skin – For combination skin I recommend a multi active toner, like the Dermalogica one listed above, so it covers all areas of your face. You can also use 2 toners, one for the oily and one for the dry areas on your face if you want to treat yourself!

Do you use a toner? I’m currently using the Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist at night and Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater during the day. Leave a comment with what you use and love!

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!











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