101 in 1001

101 in 1001

This is a new way to create a non-intimidating list of goals that I found via one of my favorite blogs Chronicles of Frivolity.

You make 101 goals and then give yourself 1001 days to complete as many as possible. That’s about 2.75 years.. seems much more doable than the yearly resolution timeline now doesn’t it? So here it goes, my list #1…

Start: May 20, 2015

End: February 14, 2018


1- Run a 5k (10-1-16)

2- Workout every day for a month

3- Try a spin class (3-1-17)

4- Try a barre ballet class (8-7-16)

5- Read 1 book a week for a month

6- Learn to cook 5 things I will cook again (1-29-16)

7- Make homemade bread

8- Get a massage (12-18-16)

9- Try a cleanse

10- Get back into playing piano

11- Make breakfast in bed (12-15-16)

12- Learn some French

13- Join a volleyball rec team

14- Donate to a charity (8-14-15)

15- Try snowshoeing

16- Go skinny dipping

17- Finish this list (completed 5-20-15)

18- Get a Halloween costume for Moxy (9-30-16)

19- Organize my purses & scarves (completed 7-13-15)

20- Get my Mcmenamin’s passport (completed 7-1-15)

21- Watch 3 classic movies I haven’t seen (completed 7-28-15)

22- Start swimming again (7-27-16)

23- Go to a drive in movie

24- Read all the Jane Austen novels

25- Be able to do the splits

26- Read 3 classic novels

27- Learn how to tie a tie

28- Donate blood

29- Take a tango class

30- Go to 3 concerts


31- Stick to a work schedule for 2 weeks

32- Launch a YouTube channel (4-22-16)

33- Create a blog video (4-22-16)

34- Upgrade my camera

35- Take an Adobe class

36- Learn to edit videos

37- Shoot with 3 other bloggers (8-12-16)

38- Feature 3 “Hot To” or “DIY” posts (12-9-16)

39- Create a look book with a local boutique

40- Feature a fellow blogger (2-17-17)

41- Finish an Inspo board (completed 12-17-15)

42- Shoot at the Rhododendron garden

43- Feature 3 food/restaurant posts

44- Have an actual work/desk/office area (12-2-16)

45- Complete a street photography post

46- Host a giveaway (11-30-16)

47- Have the blog in the press 3 times

Friends & Family

48- Take a trip with my mom and sister

49- Take a girls trip (completed 6-4-15)

50- Get wrapped bday gifts for all my besties (11-4-16)

51- Send flowers to a friend (9-3-15)

52- Attend/host a themed party

53- Go to Vegas with my sister(s)

54- Have a picnic/pot luck with my friends

55- Write my sister a letter (7-22-15)

56- Movie night with dad in the man cave (3-26-17)

57- Spa day with mom

58- Throw a friend a surprise party

59- Take a friend out for a dress up dinner

60- Go camping with friends

61- Spend a day with my niece & nephew

62- Visit an old friend

63- Host a game night with my friends

64- Have a craft day with my friends

65- Surprise my grandma with a gift (7-20-16)


66- See a horse race at Meadows

67- Have brunch at Mother’s Café (12-31-15)

68- Try Geocaching

69- Try all top 20 restaurants

70- Try all top 20 bars/breweries

71- Go to a blowout bar

72- Try 3 Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

73- Go to 3 art openings

74- Go to a festival at the waterfront

75- See the Christmas tree lighting

76- Go to a Timbers game

77- Have dinner at the Melting Pot (9-3-15)

78- Go to the Bluffs

79- Add a lock to the Steel bridge

80- Eat at Veritable Quandary (12-12-15)

81- Eat at Le Pigeon

82- Try a new food cart a week for a month

83- Hike in Forest park  (12-25-16)

84- Go to a movie in the park


85- Go to Asia

86- See at least 1 Classic World Wonder:

  • Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq)
  • Statue of Zeus at Olympia (Greece)
  • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (Turkey)
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Turkey)
  • Colossus of Rhodes (Turkey)
  • Lighthouse of Alexandria (Egypt)

87- Go to Hawaii

88- Go to Mexico

89- Visit Seattle (11-19-16)

90- Go on a wine tour

91- Go to Disney World

92- Go on a road trip through states I’ve never been

93- Visit Canon Beach

94- New York trip with friends

95- See the Redwood forest

96- See the Grand Canyon


97- A structured purse (2-11-16)

98- Christian Louboutin shoes

99- Actually manage my 401K

100- Save $10 for each item completed

101- Sophia Webster shoes

That’s it! Let me know if this inspired you to make a list of your own and if you have done any of the things on my list! Have a great weekend babes!

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  • Reply Catherine @ Ten Thousand Hour Mama

    What a cool concept—I’ve never heard of this! It sounds a little intimidating, actually.

    I have an amazing challah recipe if you’d like it, or want to join me for baking some bread! It’s very time intensive since it’s a triple-rise recipe, but it’s hard to mess up. And everyone you know will ask you to bring it to dinner parties and holidays!
    Catherine @ Ten Thousand Hour Mama recently posted…Holiday gift guide: Best WAHM giftsMy Profile

    December 8, 2016 at 10:36 am
    • Reply Rachel Cossette

      It takes a bit of time to think of 101 things but if you read other lists for ideas it’s well worth it. I’m so glad I started mine and if you make saving $10 for each item accomplished you will have a nice little stash in no time! I can’t recommend this practice enough! Also I would love to try your recipe! I’ve never had challah bread before…

      December 8, 2016 at 10:43 am

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