Royal Blue Romper

Blue Romper OPS #1

Happy Friday! Today I get to go out on a day date with my parents to go to a little art festival. I don’t know if it makes me weird but I always look forward to hanging out with my parents. I always have a good time laughing with them and since we are also going to my dad’s favorite brewery after I get to look forward to the best fried mushrooms ever made lol

This look is perfect for a nice date night out. I wouldn’t say I love being the center of attention all the time or really need to be in any way, but when I walk in a room and everyone stops to look at me, well, that feels damn good. This beautiful royal blue romper with the plunging neckline definitely catches the eye. Pairing it with a bright magenta clutch also kind of seals the deal. If you want o tone it down for day just thrown on a pair of flat sandals, a little cross body bag and maybe a hat!

I love 3 things about this romper: 1- the fabric is light and breezy making it perfect for hot summer days and nights, 2- the beautiful blue color is my signature color. The cool tone contrasts nicely with my fair skin and makes my dark blue eyes pop, 3- it has a relaxed fit and a tie at the waist you can adjust based on your body type, aka it’s super comfortable and you can eat seconds and thirds and it still looks flattering.

These heels are also a new fav of mine. The single sole and block heel make your calf look slimmer and give your foot that nice arch. I will say that although they are comfortable and easy to walk in for me, if you aren’t used to walking on a genuine 4″ heel you might want to spend a little time getting yourself acquainted with them. They come in 5 colors including a leopard print but I’m dying for the yellow color! Spoiler: pink & yellow are supposed to be the “it” colors for Fall this year and this mustard color also makes me think of the 70s which I’m obsessed with this season!

I’ve also been more obsessed with statement earrings this summer and these gorgeous blue drop earrings really make this whole look more dressy and chic. You could also swap these out for a more fun pink or yellow combo for a night out with the girls!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week! Thanks for reading!

Blue Romper OPS #2 Blue Romper OPS #3 Blue Romper OPS #5 Blue Romper OPS #6 Blue Romper OPS #7 Blue Romper OPS #8 Blue Romper OPS #9

Photos: NebCat

Romper: Express, Heels: Steve Madden, Earrings: Lulu’s, Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar under $100, similar under $30), Lipstick: Revlon

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10 Things You Can Do to Start the Summer Right

Start Summer Right Post

Monday kicked off the first official day of summer and I wanted to do a post about how you can get the most out of the season and feel your best!

Summer always feels like it’s the shortest season of the year, especially in the NW, and I know what it feels like to see the leaves change and think, “Wait! I haven’t done any of the summer things I wanted to do yet!”

In additions to this, summer is that time of year when a lot of people start to think negatively about themselves. This usually tends to couple with the fear of “bikini season” and we forget to love ourselves!

So to combat the feelings of negativity and being left behind summer can bring on, I wanted to suggest 10 things you can do to make the most of your summer and feel your best!

1- Read a book – I would recommend a classic novel that can transport you to another time or place. The Great Gatsby, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or any Jane Austin novel would do.

2- Visit a local museum or historical site – I live in Portland, OR so for me, this is the Pittock Mansion. It is literally down the road from me (less than 3 miles!) and I haven’t been! I hear it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see the view and maybe take a few pics…

3- Start a ‘Summer 2016’ Memories Jar – I love this idea! Have you ever tried to think back on all the fun things you have done in the past year and can’t really think of much? This would be the perfect way to remember all the things you did and you can go through them once the season ends!

4- Get some bath/beauty products and indulge – I love my me time y’all. I need time to myself to do beauty treatments, take a bath, read, play dress up, whatever, but it’s essential and you need to make time for yourself! You can read more about my love of me time here.

For me it’s Lush Beauty products. I love taking a bath with their bath bombs and then doing a face mask after. I feel relaxed, pampered, and the way the colorful water and oils swirl around my body makes me feel sexy and beautiful, and we could all use a little more of that!

5- Clean out your closet – I can’t stress this one enough but I am the opposite of a hoarder though. I hate clutter and I don’t like things I don’t love or use in my space. I also have to clean out my closet for new items as a blogger so I do this regularly. I probably go through and clean out things I don’t wear or love in my closet 2x a month and do a mega clean out 2x a year.

Purging makes me feel less weighted down and as a freedom loving Sagittarius I’m addicted to this feeling. I love looking in my closet and seeing only things I can’t wait to wear again. If it doesn’t make you feel good or look good, toss it, donate it, or swap with your friends. When it comes to clothes, the grass usually is greener on the other side, so don’t worry about not finding something else you will love even more.

6- Get outside everyday – Our neighbors have the cutest dog named Wally (and yes I hear the cute little Pixar robot every time I say his name) and since we don’t have a dog, and they are super sweet, they let me take him for walks! This gets me out of the house, gets me moving, and gets me lots of dog kisses! If you have a dog great! Use your dog as your excuse to get outside. If you don’t, maybe you have a nice neighbor or family member who’s dog you can walk? Or maybe you can volunteer and walk dogs at your local shelter!

7- Start a garden – This could mean tilling up your backyard and making epic planter boxes, or, as I did it, getting a few potted plants that you have to take care of. I got a few plants this year and a few are in the house for decoration. I love them. Live plants are another one of those things that make me feel relaxed and weightless because you are bringing the outside in. The ritual of caring for them and watching them grow is also therapeutic and can be very satisfying!

8- Go for a hike – In Portland, Forest Park is the biggest park in the city, and it is also just down the street from me. I love hiking, and going for walks in general, so this makes the perfect group, date or solo activity. It’s also great exercise and perfect for relieving stress or just enjoying nature!

9- Go somewhere special to watch the sunset – Circling back to the Pittock Mansion where I hear the sunsets are absolutely beautiful, this one would be perfect for a free date night!

10- Pick your own flowers or fruit – This summer I definitely want to go to a U-Pick and get the fruit to make a pie from scratch! This would also be a great date night or solo activity! Flowers always brighten up the home and make it feel more like summer so if you need a little cheer go pick some flowers!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helped you in some way, and if you try any of these things let me know! I’d love to hear how you made this summer the best one yet!

Photo: Pinterest

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Stripes & Shorts

Stripes & Shorts OPS #1

Happy Saturday! I know I’m a day late but sh*t happens haha! Today I’m wishing the sun was back in Portland like it is in these photos. Although I’m glad it’s not 100 degrees anymore!

This was a look I threw together that was comfy, casual, and perfect for when it’s hot as Hades outside. I decided to add these chic mule heels to elevate it a bit but I also love the ones I linked below! This top is almost out of stock but I linked a few below and I love the first one in the slider. If you haven’t bought into the off the shoulder trend yet, do it.

Also, if you’re in the market for a super cute pair of sunnies, I linked all the cat eye styles available at Mirina Collections. All of their sunglasses are under $20 and I shared a 20% off code! You can’t beat that!

Later tonight I’m hosting a happy hour at my place and I have found essential items include an ice bucket, a cheese board, and a bar cart! If you want to see a post just for hosting and entertaining, message, comment, let me know on social, I’d love to know if you’re interested!

Have a great weekend guys and thanks for reading!

Stripes & Shorts OPS #2 Stripes & Shorts OPS #3 Stripes & Shorts OPS #4 Stripes & Shorts OPS #5 Stripes & Shorts OPS #6 Stripes & Shorts OPS #7 Stripes & Shorts OPS #8 Stripes & Shorts OPS #9

Photos: NebCat

Top: Nordstrom, Shorts: Express, Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar here, here’s a sleek version and these would be great for errands!), Bag: Fossil (love the shape of this one!), Sunglasses: Shop in Monterey (lots of options here and get 20% off with code:mirinagirls)

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Beach Bag Packing Essentials

Beach Bag Packing Essentials small

One of Jesse and mine’s favorite thing to do during the summer is go to Sauvie’s Island. I love going to the beach, swimming, laying in the sun, we also always take a football with us to throw around. We bought a season parking pass this year and if we go every weekend I would be more than ok with that!

I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my beach bag and a shopping guide to get you going on yours! Summer *official* is in less than a week so it’s time to get ready people!

First is obviously a cute and functional beach bag. I love straw totes this year and there are so many options! I went with this classic colored tote with a colorful tassel (that I’m totes obsessed with *pun intended*). It’s only $35 at Target and fits everything you need including your beach buddies things! It’s honestly the perfect size for taking to the farmer’s market or taking for a picnic or movie in the park as well so it doesn’t have to collect dust in between beach trips!

The other thing I’m obsessed with this summer is white dresses! I’ve said this before but something about white just makes me so happy for summer. A blank pallet to accessorize?? Yes please!

I got this gorgeous cold shoulder shift from Express and honestly I was a little nervous. I don’t usually look good in anything that doesn’t at least sort of accentuate my waist (think maternity) but I figured with the open shoulder the pop of skin would break it up enough so I didn’t get lost in it. I was right. I am so in love, it fits perfect, it hits at the perfect length, and the lace is super soft. This would be perfect for vacation to throw on over your swimsuit and head to dinner and drinks! I can’t recommend this dress enough because between the shift style and the extra hint of skin I can’t imagine anyone this wouldn’t look amazing on!

Sunglasses and I have a sort of love/hate relationship. I always hated shopping for sunglasses because I have a rather skinny oval shaped head and with the big sunglasses trend most of them tended to swallow up my face. I literally have 3 pairs, which is basically a blogger sin, but I’m really picky and don’t like when they are too big or too long on my face.

I found these at H&M about a month ago and they are my new favorite. They have several pairs that have the same tortoise coloring and lens shape and you know they are a deal since they are H&M! I linked a couple of my favorites below!

Now onto the swimwear. I’m not a one piece girl. I’m not a plain triangle set girl. I’m not a cover me to the neck girl. I love padded bikini tops. I love bright, bold color and prints. I love feeling like a VS model on the beach and can’t do that if I’m covered all over or my tata’s don’t have any lift.

This is why I love VS swim wear and this is also why I’m a little devastated. Apparently VS is doing away with its swim line, which means awesome sales for this year, but also no new styles next year. I need a drink. The collection this year has the signature push up and gorgeous bold prints but also beautiful details like tassels and strappy backs. I’m in love. I got 3 new suits this year (including a super cute B&W stripped one if that’s more your speed!) and I might get a couple more since all their swim wear is up to 60% OFF! Get what you’ve always wanted now before it’s gone!

Lastly in my beach bag is of course, a cute beach towel. Mine is a turquoise color but I also love a bright and fun novelty style beach towel. Cute pineapple? Hell yes! I linked a few below that I’ve had my eye on.

Tips & Tricks:

1- My number one tip for the beach or pool (or anywhere where you will be getting wet in a swimsuit) is to bring an extra pair of clean panties. Not to get too particular with what ticks our lady bits, but wearing a wet suit all day doesn’t usually make her happy, and we don’t want to end up with an itch we can’t scratch the rest of the day.

If I know I won’t be able to come back home, or to the hotel, to shower or change I will pack an extra pair of undies so I’m not sitting there wet and uncomfortable. Case in point I had brought an extra pair one time we went to Sauvie’s Island and then ran some impromptu errands after. I was so glad I had them to change into and way more comfortable!

2- I would recommend a straw tote over a canvas one for the beach because the sand will fall right through versus staying in your bag and getting all over everything else!

3- Always bring more to drink than you think you need! Water, Pellegrino, Gatorade, Arizona tea, whatever you’re into have 3 bottles with you because you will dehydrate faster than you think laying in the sun all day and you don’t want dry and burnt skin!

I hope this helped you and made your shopping a little easier! Thanks for reading and see you Friday!

Straw tote: Target, Sunglasses: H&M (similar, similar), Dress: Express, Bikini: VS, Shoes: Sam Edelman (love these under $75!)

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White Off the Shoulder Top

White OS OPS (1)

TGIF!!! I’m so excited because this is my first Friday off of the summer! So I get to post this on the couch sipping coffee #lovesummerlife

Now to dive right into this look, I love this outfit and I have been envisioning this for so long I can’t believe it’s actually on the blog today! I got these amazing J Brand jeans at Crossroads Trading Co – brand spanking new- (they buy clothing new as well as resell if you didn’t know) and they fit amazing but I had to get them hemmed a bit.

My boss is an amazing seamstress and took care of that but you know how it goes with tailoring. First you think about it and forget about it, then you take them with you and they sit in your car for a month, then they finally make it to get adjusted and they hangout there for a week or two. The tailoring took a while, but once it was done, and specifically to wear with these heels, they hit at the perfect length.

Then I had to find the top. Once this off shoulder trend took hold I knew I wanted a white one. This also took forever y’all. I’m picky, I didn’t want it cropped, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, I didn’t want so much volume it made me look like a cupcake,¬† but I did want it to have a pretty detail. Then I found this gorgeous top on Lulu’s. It’s a shift style fit that hits at the hip and has cute little ties on the sleeve. The length and allover lace was what really got me though. It’s pretty, it’s comfortable, it’s forgiving, and I really think this would look flattering on every body type.

For some reason it seemed a perfect fit with my 70’s throwback denim. It’s basically a jeans and t-shirt look but the bell flare in the jeans and the texture and ties in the off the shoulder top really elevate it. I also added statement earrings to add a pop to the upper half of this look. I prefer to go sans a necklace with off the shoulder tops because I love the look of a bare decolletage, although a choker style would look great, but I love me a pair of statement earrings! I can’t wait to wear this again.

I actually just got a yellow sleeveless blouse I think would also look fabulous with these jeans (I guess I’m 70’s obsessed??) so if you love the 70’s throwback trend you might be getting some more outfit inspiration soon!

Thank you so much for taking time on your Friday to hangout on OPS! It means a lot that I might be helping you get ready for your day or inspiring you to try a new trend (seriously, get a pair of flares…). Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you next week!

White OS OPS (2) White OS OPS (3) White OS OPS (5) White OS OPS (6) White OS OPS (7) White OS OPS (8) White OS OPS (9) White OS OPS (10)

Photos: NebCat

Jeans: Crossroads Trading Co., Top: Lulu’s, Earrings: Lulu’s, Shoes: VS (similar leather, similar wood block (under $70!), similar suede, similar 40% OFF!), Bag: Chlo√©

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